28 July 2023

New feature: Boost Your SEO with Video to Long-form Article

  • We’re excited to announce a brand new feature – ‘Video to Long-form Article’! This feature will enhance your SEO by transforming your video content into blog posts. Podcasters can now offer a text version of their content, and you can also upload video meeting records and convert them into text summaries.
  • Simply upload your subtitle SRT file in the ‘Assistant’ section. This service requires 2 credits and you can check out a demo article here.

25 July 2023

Update: Video Description Generation feature now provides you with three options to choose from

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of writing YouTube video descriptions! Let our AI take over and generate them for you, complete with chapter timestamps. Use these descriptions for your social media posts, WhatsApp messages, or emails to entice audiences and direct them toward your videos.
  • The video Description Generation feature now provides you with three options to choose from. This service remains at just 1 credit. Check out a demo of this feature here.
Example of a video description and chapters.

18 July 2023

Tracking Your Credit Reset Date

You can now monitor your billing details and find out when your credits will reset in the ‘Billing’ section of our platform.

12 July 2023

Partner Program Launch!

  • Join our partner program today and earn a generous 20% commission on every sale you generate. This commission rate will be valid for a duration of two years. To apply, please click here.

3 July 2023

Exciting New Feature! Auto Video Description and Timestamp

  • Experience the power of our AI technology by simply uploading an SRT subtitle file. Our AI will automatically generate video descriptions and timestamps, giving a significant boost to your YouTube SEO.

15 June 2023

Introducing Noise Removal!

  • We are thrilled to introduce our latest beta feature: AI-powered background noise removal for audio files. Say goodbye to pesky background noise without the need for expensive audio editing software. This feature is currently in beta testing and is available free of charge to our paid users.

3 June 2023

Spoken Style(口語) Subtitles for Cantonese Videos

  • You now have the option to output spoken style Chinese subtitles. Please note that selecting both spoken and written styles (書面語) will utilize two credits.

1 June 2023

Simplified Chinese Subtitles Now Available for FREE

  • We are delighted to offer simplified Chinese subtitles at no additional cost. All Chinese subtitle outputs will now include both traditional and simplified Chinese subtitles.